IKEA Bauhaus workshop

Project made with Marta Adamczyk during 2 week workshop organised by IKEA foundation in Bauhaus, Dessau.
How do the Bauhaus Masters’ Houses from the 1920s work for today’s needs of living and working? That is the question posed by the IKEA Bauhaus Summer 2015. We decided to create a multifunctional, temporary object for artists in residence, called „Three-month-companion”. At the beggining of 3 month residence each artist will recive 5 identical objects, and furnish the house the way he or she wants to – the function can be chosen by the user. The furniture combines relaxed sitting with a table and possibilities for storage. While designing we took under consideration all the Masters’ Houses restrictions. Project is made of cardboard and felt so it’s light and cheap, and is intended to accompany the resident for no longer than three months.


Project was exhibited in Bauhaus Masters’ Houses in Dessau and featured in German press.