„Molto” – modular seats

Molto is a set of soft upholstered seats that can be combined into larger systems. Thanks to the modular design users can modify the shape depending on the current needs and the furniture is suitable for both large and small spaces. The project was created for public interiors, such as waiting rooms, lobbies, reception areas and any premises where there is a relaxation area.

The set includes a module with a backrest, module without a backrest and armrests. The elements can be connected to each other by sliding one into another from above. The modules are interlocking thanks to the properly shaped indentations, which prevents accidental disconnection.
Users can decide whether they want to sit next to or opposite each other and, depending on the needs, they can add or remove seats. This set allows building both small, intimate layouts, designed for one or two people, as well as multiple compositions with a dozen seats.

The elements were cut of high-density polyurethane foam (T35), so they are light, soft and easy to lift. This material has good elasticity and high resistance to deformation. The foam was glued to the base of 10mm MDF board. The whole was covered with felt.


Prototype crafted by manufacturer of upholstered furniture Sopha.



Cutting scheme